What To Tell Caterers About Allergies And Other Special Dietary Considerations

Each person’s diet is different according to their allergies, religious beliefs, and personal preference. As someone who is hiring a catering Rockville MD based company for an event, it is your responsibility to inform the company of any possible dietary restrictions. Even if you are not allergic to anything, it is best to know if other attendees have any special requests.

Here are some ideas on how you, the host, can successfully communicate with your chosen Rockville MD caterer when it comes to food allergies and other dietary considerations:

Send RSVPs While Asking Guests To Include Any Dietary Restrictions

The best way to find out about any dietary restrictions or allergies is to ask guests themselves. Since it is hard to call up everyone on the list, it is smart to include the question on the RSVP card. Guests who are sure to attend will note down any potential allergies and dietary restrictions which will make it easier for the host to gather.

Once all the RSVPs are collected, you can compile the information and pass it on to the catering Rockville MD professionals.

Always Include A Vegan Or Vegetarian Option

In instances where it is impossible to gather information one by one, adding a vegan or vegetarian option to the menu is highly recommended. This way, guests who do not eat meat or those who want a meatless option will have something to eat during the event.

Being inclusive when choosing the menu is always appreciated by guests. Catering companies will happily provide hosts will excellent meat-less menu options upon request.

Request For Labels

Another excellent idea if specific dietary restrictions and food allergy information was not gathered is to place labels on each dish. This will serve as a warning for guests when choosing what they want to eat. Common allergens such as nuts, dairy, shellfish, and gluten must all be listed on the label.

Work closely with the catering company so that each label is correct and the risk of any allergic reactions are minimized drastically.

Brief The Wait Staff

During formal events where guests are allowed to choose their food, the waitstaff should be informed by the host and the caterer about the different food options. The servers should know the ingredients used in each dish so that they can inform guests when asked.

A simple but thorough briefing before the food is served should be more than enough.

Take All Food Allergies And Restrictions Seriously

In the world of catering, it is very important to take any and all allergies and restrictions seriously. It is the job of the host and the catering company to work together to ensure the food is safe for everyone to eat. Failing to share important food-related information with the catering company can result in disaster.

Always take the extra time and effort needed to check that the food served during the event has all the right labels and correct food preparation practices were followed to avoid compromising anyone’s health, safety, lifestyle, and beliefs.

Sticking to a catering Rockville MD budget might be one of the biggest considerations of couples or events planners. Don’t worry! At Saint Germain Catering, we will closely work with you and listen to your concerns.