What To Consider When Choosing The Ideal Physical Activity – Set Your Goal

It has been proven how much the beginning of physical activity like running, swimming etc can be beneficial to both the body and the mind of someone who has never practiced a sport in life but who, faced with a diagnosis of overweight, hypertension, diabetes, or any other related disease to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, he sees the need to exercise as quickly as possible.

Of course, some can enjoy good health and find a way to feel good in sports practice. However, many may end up giving up right at the beginning, either for lack of motivation or for not getting used to the chosen sports.

 Set Your Goal

Everything in this life needs to be planned and defined in advance to generate as little regret as possible. This goes for choices of all sizes, including a change in routine to fit in physical activity. However, it’s important to keep in mind why you’ve considered exercising from now on.

Lose weight? Strengthen and define the body? Participate in a competition or marathon? Make new friends? Depending on the answer to each of these questions, more than one desire may arise, which on the one hand, is good, but on the other hand, it can take the focus off what is important at the time.

If being overweight bothers you the most, try walking more often to stimulate your metabolism and burn body fat. As you see advances in training, start running slowly, at the pace of a trot, and increase the intensity as your breathing capacity improves.

Now, if your profile is more linked to increased body mass, the best activity is, without a doubt, weight training, as it works all the muscles of the body, from anaerobic exercises focused on the chest, back, arms, legs, and shoulders. Even functional training, which is also known as cross-fit, is an interesting option to consider.

For those who love outdoor speed and low-intensity sports, running and cycling are the best choices. In addition to stimulating the respiratory system, giving more breath to daily life, they also make blood transport easier throughout the body, supplying essential organs such as the lung, heart, brain, intestine, kidneys, liver, pancreas, between others.

Running can be practiced in various places such as parks, streets, tracks, while cycling second already requires more care and attention, especially if it is done on the street. Cycle lanes and cycle paths are still the safest options, as there is a separation between the cyclist and other cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians.