What Does An Invisible Ink Marked Deck Of Cards Look Like?

Casinos are vigilant about looking for the marked cards – they rely on both the players and the dealers to quickly identify any of the cards which might be marked and which can remove marked decks from this game.

Marking Cards

Marking cards is basically a kind of cheating that is also mentioned on, and when you are found with marking cards, you may certainly get banned from that casino. Also, marked cards for the infrared contact lenses may be printed big marks in middle or on the small marks at all 4 corners, and with diverse poker games; you may also choose the most suitable marks.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

The invisible ink marked cards are usually crafted from the printing machine of playing cards with the help of some special ink. However, processed playing cards are precisely the same as original poker. Certainly, People just can’t see any clues. Definitely, you may even buy the invisible ink marking pen for making the own marked cards. No doubt that you make an enhanced choice.

​The methods of two card marking are a popular way for the customers. ​​Apart from this, we even can custom some special marks; the kind of invisible marks just belongs to you.

We really don’t need to worry about such marked cards seen by others. The advanced technology of printing makes marked cards to appear exactly the same as original cards. All you need to do is wear the contact lens for marked cards that perfectly fit the color of your eyes and you can also stand out in the poker game or the magic show.

Have You Used Marked Cards? Do You Even Know How Does The Marked Deck Of Cards Appear To Be?

The marked deck of cards appears like the normal poker cards, however when you wear the pair of marked invisible ink contact lenses, you may simply see the difference of invisible marks on the back of the cards, they must know the suits and numbers.

The marked deck may also be marked with various kinds of invisible ink, for instance: UV ink, luminous ink, infrared ink and so on.