Types of Fire Sprinkle Available in the Market

Installed in ceilings or sidewalls, a commercial or domestic sprinkler system contains a supply of water, a distribution pipe system for water, as well as sprinkler heads.

The lawn sprinkler discharges water immediately when a fire is spotted, though it is not triggered by smoke. It regulates or snuffs out the fire, so it is both a fire discovery and reductions system.

The automatic sprinkler has been around from the late 19th century when Hiram Stevens Maxim originated them. They are now thoroughly used globally, with more than 40 million sprinklers are sold each year.

Fire sprinkler kinds

There are four major types of fire sprinkler:

  • Dry pipeline
  • Wet pipe
  • Deluge
  • Pre-action

Dry pipe sprinkler takes slightly longer to turn on as well as are used in unoccupied/ unheated structures where pipelines might ice up as well as a burst. Nitrogen gas or pressurized air is kept in the pipelines, attached to a water storage tank or main. On activation by a fire, the air leakages out of the pipelines, triggering the water to flow with the pipes to the sprinkler heads.

In a wet pipeline fire sprinkler, the most common household structures, under pressure cold water gets stored in the pipelines and is immediately released by heads of the sprinkler after the set heat level is achieved.

Deluge sprinkler systems are typically used in locations where quick-fire damages are a major worry, such as storage facility filling bays as well as high-rise buildings. In these systems, the nozzle is constantly open. They are activated by an alarm system that opens up a water release valve.

Pre-action lawn sprinkler is a mix of dry as well as wet pipe systems, typically utilized in locations at risk of water damages. Water is not stored in the pipelines till the fire is detected when the water is launched to the sprinkler heads. The feedback time is as quickly as a standard wet pipeline lawn sprinkler.

Fire sprinkler systems are additionally available and are effective in large locations such as offices as well as malls.