Try These 8 Particular Cuisines at Banyuwangi


Banyuwangi in East Java is blessed with fantastic nature that’ll make you amazement. There are lots of tourism websites you are able to explore, for example, national parks, savannas and tropical shores. Discovering its distinctive and tasty culinary universe is a likewise experience. Listed below are just eight authentic cuisines of Banyuwangi which you have to taste as you’re there.

Tempong Rice

If you are a die-hard fan of spicy dishes, then you may enjoy this plate of cooked rice served with steamed veggies and raw condiment. “Tempong” signifies “smack” because its spiciness feels like you’ve just been slapped. You can choose a wide array of side dishes with this particular cuisine, such as broiled chicken, omelette or pepes ikan (steamed fish).

Pindang Koyong

Another alluring food to prefer at Banyuwangi. This dish uses fresh sea fish, boiled with spicy and sour soup. The fish meat and savoury soup is undoubtedly a delicious combination.

Nasi Cawuk

If you’re looking for an exceptional breakfast meal in Banyuwangi, then you will need to find this particular dish. A plate of Nasi Cawuk is composed of rice, savoury grated coconut, and grilled corn. It’s topped with lemongrass sauce and wheat clover. It is also possible to select boiled egg or steamed fish as the dishes.

Rujak Soto

This dish is a salad with soup. It combines steamed veggies in one bowl and then poured together with Soto soup with beef and tripe. This is the ideal dish for lunch!

Pecel Pitik

This “chicken salad” uses free-range chickens as the main ingredient. A whole chicken is grilled, then stained and experienced. Simple spices, such as candlenuts, bird’s eye chilli, shrimp chilli paste, and lime leaves, are used to season the chicken. Why is it different is that the dish is topped with grated coconut and a tiny bit of coconut oil to improve its flavour.


Kue Bagiak

Bagiak cookie is constructed of sago flour leading to its distinctive taste. The cookie cutter is dominated by a sweet flavour, making it perfect as a snack to the tea or java. You might also present it to your loved ones. A vast range of tastes can be obtained, such as vanilla, vanilla, mocha, cheese, and peanut.

Rujak Soto

The very first culinary Banyuwangi is currently Rujak Soto. It’s a mix of two distinct cuisines, specifically Rujak Cingur and Soto Babat. The outcomes of the flavour of both of these culinary joys and unusual tastes served hot but can adapt to taste. Rujak is a meal composed of many veggies and doused with noodle milk sugar and legumes. Soto is soupy meals that also contain some kinds of vegetables like carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, along with several other veggies.

Pecel Pitik

Of the culinary Banyuwangi, Pecel Chicken includes typical meals in Banyuwangi. Its essential ingredients are chicken which is burnt in the fireplace. But, Banyuwangi folks do not burn off the chicken until dry since they want to keep the taste of the softness of this chicken. This food is often mixed with grated coconut and peanut paste. The beans are then blended with spices and other spicy seasonings. Furthermore, the flavouring incorporated into poultry that has been cut into several parts.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Banyuwangi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.