The Most Common Oilfield Accidents and Injuries

Across the United States today, oilfield accidents are on the rise. Naturally, this means that oilfield injuries are on the rise as well, and such injuries can lead to tremendous medical bills and serious pain and suffering. That’s why, if you are in an oilfield accident, the only way to truly be made whole again is to recoup your losses with the help of an oilfield accident lawyer. You may need such a lawyer in any of the following situations.

Top Oilfield Accidents Across the Nation

  1. Burns and lacerations of the skin

Burns unfortunately quite common in oilfields. Such burns may include anything from slight scarring and blistering, to first and second degreeburns. Additionally, chemical burns and frostbite can occur in oilfields, as can punctures, lacerations, bruises, and other cuts and abrasions.

  1. Injuries to the extremities and limbs

This includes temporary and permanent injuries to the legs, arms, feet, hands, and digits (toes and fingers). Partial amputations and even totally crushed extremities and total reputations are possible.

  1. Back injuries

Like other dangerous work environments, oilfields are ripe for back injuries and neck injuries. Ruptured discs and herniated discs are common, as is whiplash. Even paralysis can occur, especially when spinal cord injuries are involved.

  1. Brain injuries

This category includes traumatic brain injuries such as concussions and skull fractures. Additionally, facial lacerations and fractures can also occur.

Have you been injured in an oilfield accident?

If you were recently injured in an oilfield accident, it is your right to seek compensation for your injuries by contacting an oilfield accident lawyer. Most oilfield accident lawyers will meet with you for a free initial consultation appointment.

At this appointment, you can explain your accident and injuries to the personal injury lawyer, and they will tell you whether or not they think you have a case. If they agree that you should move forward with your case, they can work with you to file a claim for monetary compensation for your injuries. This includes funds to pay for associated medical bills, time off from work, and pain and suffering.

Remember that the more evidence of your accident and injuries that you have, the better when it comes to your case. This means that you should document everything possible, including medical records, police reports, photographs, and video.

You shouldn’t have to live with the pain and suffering associated with an oilfield accident, nor should you have to pay for it. It is within your rights to seek deserved compensation for such injuries, which can be terrible to endure for years and even decades. Contact a personal injury lawyer who handles oilfield accident injuries today.