The Male and Female French Bulldog for You: Know About Them

What is the difference between male French Bulldogs and female French Bulldogs? We can notice some behavioral differences between male and female Bulldogs. But, it is important to know that the role of the master, the environment in which he is brought to live, as well as the relationship he will have with his master will play a determining role in the evolution of the doggie’s personality.

A few characteristics sometimes emerge when differentiating male Frenchie Dog from female Bulldogs. Concerning the male, he will show a more assertive character and will be more dependent on his master unlike the female of more independent nature. In addition, the male bulldog will be much more playful and a little more dissipated and adventurous at heart (tendency to want to run away). For the female Bulldog, she will behave in a more analytical way, in the sense that she is of a more fearful nature. However, she is more sociable around other doggies. Finally, the female Bulldog is generally more docile.

What Is The Daily Life Of A French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog likes to do activities (walks, games etc.) but be careful not to push him to the limit due to his nature as a brachycephalic dog. Rather, it is a dog who needs to make small regular efforts and if you plan to exercise for a longer period of time, pay attention to his condition during the exercise.

The French bulldog, by its appearance and characteristics, turns out to be a perfect apartment dog. In addition, with its ease in adapting to any environment, it does not really pose any constraints when its master lives either in the city or in a rural environment.

How to Feed a French bulldog?

The Bulldog is known to have a more difficult digestion than other doggies. So, it is very important to pay attention to the foods you want to feed your dog. For this, it is necessary to provide him foods rich in vitamins that can be found in the croquettes. Giving him foods rich in vitamin B will not only be in good health but also have a very beautiful coat.

Regarding its digestive difficulties, it is recommended to give it lamb croquettes which are shown to be the most easily digestible meat. In addition, it is important to know that the more the bulldog grows, the less he will need to eat per day (4 times a day when he is still a puppy compared to 2 times a day, adult).

Can We Leave a French bulldog Alone for A Few Moments?

It is possible to leave a Bulldog alone for a moment. Nevertheless, this dog needs special and daily attention. It is possible to leave a French bulldog alone for a whole day, but it is still not recommended for its well-being, like all other dogs for that matter.