The golden age of Auto Battlers: Teamfight Tactics, Dota Underlords

Which Auto Battler game is the best?

Auto Battlers are the newborn genre that recently became extremely popular thanks to the Drodo and his Dota 2 Auto Chess. The perfect balance between the right strategy and randomness put these games between such monsters like StarCraft and Hearthstone.

the League of Legends auto chess Teamfight Tactics

Right now we have three separate standalone Auto Battler games: Auto Chess by Drodo in Epic Store, Dota Underlords by Valve in Steam, TeamFight Tactics by Riot Games in League of Legends.

The very idea of games is next: you start a match with 100 health. All matches are divided by many rounds when you are fighting against other people’s units or PvE rounds where you could obtain items. In between these round you are building your army by uniting various “chess” pieces and combining them into one greater figure. The thing that brings a lot of flexibility is classes and races synergies. All possible variations of them are making every match unique and incredibly fun.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is a fast Auto Battles, comparable to the Dota Underlords where you are receiving much more damage than in classical Auto Chess. A game is rarely last more than 40 minutes, and that is why there is a lot less room for late game adjustments. So mistakes are being punished hard here, so think twice before choosing the right strategy that will bring you to a victory.

The passive and active bonuses are much stronger in TFT so the outcome of the fight heavily depends on the RNG. There is no cooldown on champion’s skills so the mana gaining items are little imbalanced. Positioning is another factor that greatly affects the game. Moving a champion by one or two hexes could totally change the outcome of the battle.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is a game for those players who love to make decisions and make them right. Micro control is incredibly important due to the positioning value and the value of high-tier units. The units are who winning the game here, so you need to clearly understand who counters who. And this is the Macro adjustments part of the game – if you know all the matchups, items and classes/origins, then most likely you will be able to annihilate everyone. But to truly master the game you need to spend here thousands of hours because the possible options are incredibly wide.

If you are loving to build long-term strategies, then the TeamFight Tactics game is not for you. But if you could hold all that data in the head then you could easily work in TFT boosting services. It is a game about counters, so you need to be flex to adjust to the strongest enemies and buying units that are strong against them.