Summertime Home: 5 Maintenance Tasks to Perform

Most people think of relaxation and vacation trips when summer comes into mind. Homeowners usually do not want to perform maintenance tasks during the season, but you must avoid putting it off until it’s too late. Before you start planning your activities and trips, you have to make sure that your property can take on the heat of the sun. Fortunately, most summer home maintenance tasks are easy to perform. Here are a few assignments to prioritize if you want to get started on planning your activities instead.

AC Tune-Up or Repair

Despite your summer vacation plans with family and friends, you can stay inside your home for the majority of the season. The hot weather is an ideal scene for your trips to the beaches, but it might not give you a pleasant experience at home. You might sweat excessively despite not moving too much. The humid environment can also provide a less comfortable environment. If you want to survive the summer heat, you can rely on your air conditioner. When you have control over the temperature inside your house, you can keep the sun from making you feel uneasy and irritable.

However, you might encounter a few issues with the AC, making it a maintenance priority during the summer. The appliance might have to work twice as hard on the season, which makes it crucial to make repairs as early as possible. You can contact professionals that can provide AC tune-up if the problems are beyond your maintenance skills. Try to prioritize the air conditioner in your bedroom and living room.

Window Treatment

If you want to keep a cool temperature in your home using your air conditioner, you should keep all entry points closed. However, your windows might have gaps and spaces that allow cool air to escape. Try to plug the escape routes by reapplying caulk on leaks. The sunlight can also become a nuisance. If curtains are not enough to block it out, you can add sun-blocking covers. Insects and pests might even try to find ways to stay out of the heat, making your home a target. Use window screens to prevent them from entering your home. While you’re at the window treatment process, you can take the time to remove dirt and smudges from the entry points.

Fire Hazard Safety Check

The summer can provide you with enough heat to make you feel like you are bursting into flames. In reality, it can happen to some of your items at home. If you want to keep your property safe, you should perform safety checks on the following fire hazards:

  • Dryer vent
  • Candles near flammable materials
  • Kitchen range
  • Electrical sockets
  • Fireplace
  • Smoking areas
  • Gas water heater

The extreme heat can cause combustion, which is why it is necessary to perform an inspection. If you want to get notified about any fire inside your house, make sure that your smoke detectors work in good condition. The alarm can help alert you if you and your family are in danger. A lot of people die during a fire because of a faulty smoke detector. Try to change the batteries and check if it is working. However, you need to make sure that you are creating a fire in a controlled environment.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Summer is a time for storms and high winds, which could direct a lot of debris into your gutters and downspouts. Tree branches and other heavy objects can also find their way onto the roof. Before summer arrives, make sure to clean the areas to avoid unnecessary issues. The maintenance task is essential to prevent flooding during a storm. If you let the areas go unattended, you can also invite a lot of insects that could make them breeding grounds. Clean the gutters and downspouts to keep your family healthy.

Outdoor Area Maintenance

Your outdoor amenities might have less protection from the heat of the sun. They can also suffer from the harsh weather brought by the changing seasons. Outdoor decks, patios, and even swimming pools will require maintenance tasks. Try to find online guides to help you repair any issues with your outdoor amenities. If you cannot perform them yourselves, you can hire professionals to do the job.

Home maintenance tasks are crucial for every season of the year. However, there are a few tasks to prioritize and perform when summer arrives. The protective functions can help ease your worries and make it easier for you to plan your vacation trips.

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