Start your Interior Design Journey on the Right Foot

In Singapore, the most common living home type is our HDB flats where more than 70% of Singaporeans live in. HDB homes typically consist of 2-rooms, 3-rooms, 4-rooms and 5-rooms, but also recently new types such as executive apartment and executive, which are bigger.

5-room HDB flats are ideal for families with four to five members, with enough space for extended family. The average size of a 5-room HDB flat is 110 square metres. Three bedrooms make up a five-room HDB flat, one of which is a master bedroom with an attached bathroom.

A 5-room flat consists of a kitchen, living/dining area, shared bathroom, service yard, and occasionally a storeroom/apartment shelter. In this article, we list a number of factors that can have an impact on the cost of your renovation.

1.      The Kind of Property – Resale vs BTOs

Renovations to resale flats are typically more expensive than BTOS because these older homes require a more extensive overhaul of their interiors.

Furthermore, resales are typically larger than BTOS. This means that the renovation will require more materials and labour, resulting in a higher cost.Resale flats typically require hacking of old tiles, walls, false ceiling etc – adding significantly to the cost as well! Be sure to factor these in during your budget calculation.

2.      Style of Interior Design

The cost of renovation is also determined by your home’s theme. Minimalist and Scandinavian interior design styles, for example, are more costly to implement. This is due to the fact that concealing pipes or wires in the home takes a lot more time and money.

More complicated designs, such as victorian, rustic styles which requires furniture and walls, floors to be in sync with the design, definitely costs more. Therefore, before starting your renovation, be sure to check these factors which can incrementally increase your interior design costs!

3.      Materials Used in Construction

Because building materials are priced differently, your choice of materials will influence the cost of your renovation. Hardwood flooring, for example, is much more expensive to install than vinyl flooring. For custom carpentry, paying more for a better wood will always serve you better by lasting longer and being nicer in appearance too.

When it comes to furniture and decors, it will be crucial too to get a medium to high quality one that can last you years, instead of cheap ones that barely sustains for even a year. The initial costs is always higher, but with higher quality comes longer lasting and should save you more in the long-run.

4.      What to Think About When Selecting a Renovation Package In Singapore

On occasion, some interior design firms prefer to offer renovation packages instead of custom quotations. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to pricing home reno, and packages are great for families renovating on a budget.

Here are some easy considerations to choose the best package for your home.

1.      Budget for the project

You can determine how much you can afford to renovate by creating a renovation budget. This keeps you from going into debt by preventing you from choosing a renovation package that is beyond your financial means.

2.      Is your Interior Designer Credible?

Before committing to a renovation package, do some research and check out the interior designer’s credentials. This ensures that the ID is trustworthy and that they will be able to deliver the promised results.

You can look at examples of their previous work and testimonials of a good interior design company, such as Swiss Interior, and ask them for a quotation for your home project.

3.      Choosing and comparing the packages

The cost of the renovation package offered by various companies will differ. The price difference is due to factors such as the firm’s reputation and the type of material used.

4.      Is the ID Firm Communicative?

Because you’ll be working with your designer for a long time, finding an ID who can communicate effectively is crucial.

Clear communication improves understanding among the parties involved and reduces the amount of time spent clarifying details. The renovation process becomes more productive and efficient as a result of this.

5.      Is your Interior Designer Case Trust Certified?

When you choose a case trust accredited ID company, you can rest assured that the company follows ethical sales and business practises.

A case trust certification also indicates that the ID firm’s pricing policies are transparent, lowering your chances of falling for a renovation con.

Types of Renovation Work that Necessitate a HDB Renovation Licence

Before any renovation work can begin, it must first be approved by HDB. While not every aspect of renovation requires a permit, more important works such as flooring and window changes or knocking down walls requires permits. The following are some examples of HDB renovations that require a permit.

1.      Flooring works

When replacing existing floor tiles, you must obtain HDB approval. Raising the floors in areas such as the kitchen, balcony, or toilet will also require a permit.

2.      Window works

If you wish to change the windows in your home or install or replace your window grilles in your balcony or service yard, you’ll need a permit.

3.      Walls

If you’re hacking walls, building arches, or rounding corners in your home, you’ll need to get permission first.