Planning for a Formal Family Dinner

A family dinner is an essential event for everyone, and it requires ample preparation. You want to impress your relatives with the food, decoration, and program of the event. It only happens once in a while, so you need to give your best and make it memorable for your whole family. Listed below are some things you can do to make your dinner more enjoyable.

Send invitations

Nothing is more formal than sending paper invitations to your relatives. I know that you may think that you have to spend a lot to give your family relatives a polite request. Recycling old magazines may help you to make invitations. You might consider old magazines as junk. In this way, you have removed your waste from your room, and you also saved money by not buying new, fancy invitations.

Set up your table properly

You are more likely to work with tableware than with an informal buffet or backyard barbecue for a semi-formal dinner party. A traditional semi-formal arrangement involves a table and a smaller salad plate with two forks on the left-hand side – one for salad and one for dinner – and a knife and spoon on the right-hand side. Put a wine glass and water glass (because most people are right-handed) on the right of place setting.

Place fresh flowers inside the dining room

Fresh flowers bring beauty to every setting. If you use a small dining table, choose a large setup, or gather several flower arrangements for an extended table. You can also organize new things at the bar and use them around the room. In doing this, you might want to clean every room in the house and not just the dining room. Disposing of unwanted materials will be a big help. Removing junk from the rooms in your home will be one of the keys to making your family dinner successful.

Use an elegant tablecloth and napkins

Make sure to press the tablecloth before you lay it out. We suggest that you stick to the same theme as the rest of the table setting with the napkins. These should also be brushed or ironed before they are folded or set up with napkin rings for show. A table runner will help create the same result if you don’t want to use a tablecloth.

Play games

To make your dinner more fun, add a little twist by playing games. They can be fun yet straightforward games like drinking games for adults with cash prizes. For kids, you can engage them in mini talent shows with awards as well. It is a great chance to bond more.

The preparation of big events like these generates a lot of waste and junk, from the excess materials used for decorations to junk generated while clearing out the venue. For your reunion to be a success make sure to dispose of unnecessary junk to complete your preparations. You can trust a Seattle junk removal company to help you out with removing unwanted junk.