Physical slot machine myths and the truth behind them

You don’t have to believe all that you read on situs judi slot online as majority of them are myth. The following is the truth behind the common physical myth regarding slot machines:

Myths Truth
To play with a loyalty card or a player card tends t reduce the winning chances The player’s cards are normally designed to be able to reward players who are loyal and not to punish them
With such myth you will have  to start wondering if it was the casinos on their own who did start them. To use the player’s card or the loyalty card doesn’t have any effect on the winning chances that you have and in case of anything, the opposite should be true.

But not to use the cared then it means that, you will end up to miss on the extra value that you are supposed to get in exchange of the activity of playing which might include the free credits.

To pull the handle is what gives a better winning chance than having to push the button The odds of being able to win are the same irrespective of how you are going to spin the reels.
With certain slot machines, you will have a choice of how the reel spinning; you can as well help to pull the handle or just push the button. For certain reasons, there is a myth regarding the myth of having to pull the handle giving you a better winning chance.

It is not true at all. The outcome of whatever spin is normally determined by an RNG- random number generator and the RNGs are not affected at al by the way the reel gets spinned.

The machine that has a high payout rates tend to be hidden in a certain dark corner in the casino There is no casino that deliberately hids their highest paying machines.