Most Exciting Spots in the U.S. for Nature Lovers

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Now that COVID-19 has forced most of us to postpone our international travel plans, it’s the perfect time to consider local getaways instead. If you’re in a big country such as the United States, chances are you haven’t explored your own country yet.

During this period, it’s more advisable to stay outdoors and away from the crowd, so why not use this opportunity to spend some time with nature without having to use your passport? So get your backpack ready and hit up these glorious nature spots in the U.S. for a memorable domestic adventure.

  •  The Grand Canyon — Arizona

The name fits the majesty of this canyon. This massive abyss in the northern part of Arizona is approximately 277 river miles long, around 18 miles (ca. 29 km) wide, and a mile in depth. With the help of the powerful Colorado River, the Grand Canyon has expanded and drawn people from all over the world, wanting to see this red and orange wonder of nature. It averaged around 6 million visitors a year and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Given the popularity of the canyon, it can get crowded, especially on the South Rim, where you can find the Grand Canyon Village and Bright Angel Trail. Head to the North Rim if you want to take a break from the crush of hikers and sightseers.

  • Lake Tahoe — California and Nevada Border

If peace and serenity are what you’re looking for, there’s no other place for you than Lake Tahoe. Its sheer beauty made it one of the most popular vacation spots in the U. S, drawing in more than 2.7 million visitors a year. Rest your eyes on the towering mountaintops and crystal-clear waters, or better yet, tackle one of the hiking trails it offers. The stunning lake made it one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the country.

But Lake Tahoe is not just for nature trips. During the years, high-end shopping and dining have sprouted on its north shore, giving a San Francisco-like vibe. Then there are the casinos on the south coast, which are very Reno-esque.

  • Anchorage – Alaska

What used to be a collection of tents transformed into the most sophisticated city in Alaska. Anchorage is known to be the state’s commercial and financial hub, with 40% of the state’s population residing here. The city is paradise to hikers, skiers, fishermen, and wildlife enthusiasts. This is why despite the state being so far out there, it’s still a tourist draw, offering lots of all-inclusive Alaska adventure packages that are definitely worth the money.

But you have to go beyond the mountain ranges with its snow-capped peaks to appreciate the place. Anchorage also boasts of charming establishments, which include shops, museums, nightlife spots, and a terrific zoo.

  • Hawaii — The Big Island

Disappointed about your canceled Asian trip? You don’t need to fly overseas to see gorgeous beaches and experience a tropical island vacation. Most tourists go to the smaller islands like Maui, Oahu, and Kauai, but why not check out the Big Island as well?

This part of Hawaii offers more in terms of natural attractions. Here, you get to see black sand beaches, lush rainforests, lava deserts, and even snow-covered peaks. And last but not least, it has the fire-spitting and very much active Kilauea Volcano. If you are hoping for the typical Hawaiian getaway with the honeymoon vibes and loads of luau, you may be better off going to the smaller islands. But if you crave more adventure, the Big Island is the perfect Hawaiian vacation spot for you.

  • Jackson Hole — Wyoming

Jackson Hole Valley is the ideal alternative to skiers who prefer a more peaceful vacation. It’s not Lake Tahoe or Aspen in terms of glitz and glamour, but the serenity of the place still attracts celebrities and politicians who want to stay away from the public eye.

Even when Jackson Hole became an adventure spot, a departure from the days it was relatively isolated from the tourism industry, it remains to be a favorite refuge for those who want the mountain country experience.

  • Yosemite — Sierra Nevada

One of the country’s most famous landscapes is just a quick ride from San Francisco. Yosemite National Park has around 1200 square miles of natural wonder—formidable cliffs, towering waterfalls, and Sequoia trees that are a millennium old. Most of the tourist activity happens within Yosemite Valley, where you can find the park’s most famous attractions—the El Capitan and the Half Dome. These are surrounded by excellent hiking trails, which welcome even inexperienced hikers.

When you plan your travels, make sure to follow government guidelines so you can still stay safe and healthy while exploring the natural wonders in your own country.

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