Making the Most of On-Page SEO


When you create or update your website, it’s critical that you know all about on-page SEO so you can bring more traffic to your site and make people aware of what your company has to offer. While keywords are essential, there are some other things you should know to make sure your website is attractive and professional. 

One of the most important things you’ll need to do is use Schema when necessary to increase CTR. Schema markup is tool that assists search engines to better interpret the content and intent of your page. If you look at Google search results and see a star rating, image or review, you’ve seen the results of Schema markup. While this is a great tool to use for your website, you don’t need to add this markup to every page. The truth is that your main page can benefit from Schema markup, but you don’t need to put it on pages where it wouldn’t be relevant. If you’re not sure which pages need the markup, look at the pages that get top rankings according to your primary keyword. If those pages have the Schema markup, then you should add it to your page as well.  All in all, it’s best to use Schema markup to increase SERP CTR so that search engines can gain a better understand of your webpage content. 

Keep in mind that Google can more efficiently identify how relevant your content is using co-occurrence of phrases and words. For example, if you have a page that has the title tag of “easy pound cake recipe,” Google can make a pretty accurate guess concerning the content of your page. The guess will be spot-on if you also mention phrases like “quick,” “easy,” or “dessert,” or use the ingredients of the pound cake often in the content. Chances are you can’t adequately write the content without using these words, and all the words make it easier for people to find your website. Remember that most people won’t easily find your site if you use too many technical terms, such as the names for the equipment used to mix the ingredients, unless your goal is to appear to professional bakers. However, if you do mention more in-depth keywords, this will help you generate a target audience.

All the content on your website should be simple and easy to read. Most people in the United States read at about an 8th grade level, so long words and Shakespearean-style language may turn some searchers off, since this content can be difficult to understand. When you use concise and plain wording, you can select keywords that will lead to more internet searches, which can lead to a more reliable client base for you. Remember that your webpage is not an essay, so choose the simpler words for your website so your marketing message is clear. 

To get a feel for the tactics you should use when it comes to on-page SEO, take a look at some of your favorite websites and pay attention to the content. When you search for websites you’re interested in, check to see that these pages appear at the top of the search engine based on your keywords so you’ll know how to optimize your website.