Lakshmi – Best Motivational Telugu movie


Motivational Telugu movies are very less among new Telugu movies.  If you want to select one among the best motivational Telugu movies, there is one new Telugu movie named ‘Lakshmi’.

Indian Michele Jackson Prabhu Deva played the lead role in the movie.  The movie was made under the theme of dancing emotional drama.  Lakshmi available on aha movies, which is an exclusive Telugu OTT platform.

It is a good choice to watch the film with the entire family, especially with children.  The children can get some idea on their goal in their life while watching the movie.  The film is based on a dance story and stars Aishwarya Rajesh opposite Prabhu Deva.  AL. Vijay, who made Abhinetri and Kanam films earlier, directed the film.  The film tells the story of a child who adores dance madly and tries to reach his goal.


For Lakshmi (DithyaBhande), dance means madness.  In the absence of a father, mother Nandini (Aishwarya Rajesh) grows up in care.  But dancing is unspeakably disgusting.  The mother is unable to suppress the desire in her even if she doesn’t like it.

Unbeknownst to the mother, the restaurant owner Krishna alias VK (Prabhu Deva) joins the dance academy.  VK is known to be a great dancer.  VK eventually finds out that Lakshmi is the daughter of his ex girlfriend.  VK prepares Lakshmi’s group for the national level competition.

Why did Nandini and VK get away.  What is the reason for VK not being able to stand as a champion in the national level competition?  Did Lakshmi become a national champion?  What were the obstacles to becoming a National Champion?  Nandini, is VK alone? Lakshmi movie story is the answer to the questions.

Artistes’ Performances:

Prabhu Deva once again sparkled in the film, which runs at Lakshmi’s Point of View.  He played the role VK fantastically as it is his tailor made role.  When it comes to Dithya, she simply lived in the role of Lakshmi.  Aishwarya Rajesh appeared in the film Lakshmi in the role of a single mother.  She has acted in two different roles as an ex lover to her boyfriend, like a mother to a child.  Satyam Rajesh and Kovai Sarala spread the comedy on screen as much as they can.


A.L. Vijay utilized the strength of Prabhu Deva as a dancer and as an actor also.  He showed an emotional angle in Prabhu Deva.  It is a complicated job to get perfect performance from a child artist.  But Vijay succeeded to get the required emotions and whatever he wanted from Ditya and showed her as a passionate dancer on screen perfectly.  Sam CS composed the music for the movie Lakshmi.  The background music is too good.  Neerav Shah handled the cinematography well.


Prabhu Deva’s performance and dance.  Motivational story to the children.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Prabhu Deva, Aishwarya Rajesh, E.L. Vijay, Ditya, Satyam Rajesh, Kovai Sarala

Screenplay & Direction: A.L. Vijay

Cinematography:Neerav Shah

Music: Sam CS

Producer:PrateekChakravarthi, SruthiNallappa, R. Ravindran

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The audiences, who like the dance backdrop movies of Prabhu Deva will definitely love the movie Lakshmi. It can be enjoyed with the kids on the weekends.