Know the Right Occasion to Wear the Right Type of Pearl Accessories

Pearl accessories are the best way to make a female look like lady. The charm and lustre makes anyone go crazy for it. Vintage or trendy accessories, pearls are meant to be cherished in different ways. Since it is a symbol of purity and love, that is why in weddings, brides are seen wearing pearl accessories. Earlier, only rich were allowed to have pearls as it depicted their class.

Now, it is affordable and is part of every woman’s life. However, mostly it is seen that people do buy trendy pearl accessories, but have no clue when and how to wear it. You can’t wear pearl studded small earrings in wedding and double pearl earrings to business meetings. We will give you proper guidance depending upon the kind of occasion you are invited to.

  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Wedding


Formal occasions need everything to be plain and simple. If you’re wearing a black dress or a plain looking dark color top with trousers, a single strand of pearl necklace with cute and tiny pearl earrings is just fine. Wearing a double strand necklace or a long strand of pearl necklace that goes below the cleavage will look too heavy. This will distract almost everyone.


Casual occasions like club gathering or late night drinks with peers are to relax. Therefore wearing jeans, simple T-shirt or casual blouse is just normal. To add some more fun to it, you can wear long pearl strand layering up to give it a fashionable look or you can layer some extra thin metallic chain to it, but don’t overdo it.


Wedding is an important occasion, thus brides want to look the best at this moment. Your pearl accessory should blend with your gown or pearls stitched on the gown. They shouldn’t be very long, but just at the top of the neck of the dress so that it grabs attention.

There may be many occasions where you can flaunt your pearl accessories. Generally, woman buy a long strand of pearl necklace with tear drop pearl earrings. This way they can layer the strands as per the occasion or leave it the way it is. Pearl can go with any color nicely, therefore think of unique styles and become a style icon for your peers.