Is DY Patil University Good for an MBA?

DY Patil University is based on the mindset of people who tend to provide quality education and excellence. It tends to improve the lives of those associated with it or those who will be associated with its students. It was established in 2002 with a vision to provide quality in all spheres of higher learning to people from both high and lower strata, alike. It is working on providing equal and good opportunities for everyone regarding education.

All these years the University has tried to impart and disseminate knowledge and develop an all-round personality of a person wherein he/she can make full use of all the available resources into developing something that can benefit the society. It provides courses in many fields, and has promising curriculum that can elevate your personality and get you good prospects in the future.

The university is known to bring you to the top of the corporate ladder through its management course, and aims at bringing out the best in an individual through education and activities that develop your soft skills. The University gives students a wider perspective to look at everything and analyze a situation in a better manner. Overall, the institution doesn’t only make its students a marketing genius but makes them a better part of the society too.


They offer a variety of courses that span over the course of 2 years in case of a postgraduate program of MBA that is further specialized into various categories to meet your requirements. Some of them are: 

  1. MBA in marketing management
  2. MBA in finance management
  3. MBA in human resource management
  4. MBA in entrepreneurship management
  5. MBA in sports business management
  6. MBA in operations management
  7. MBA in international business management
  8. MBA in banking and insurance
  9. MBA in logistics and supply chain management
  10. MBA in biotechnology management
  11. MBA In health and hospital management
  12. MBA in pharmaceutical industry management
  13. MBA in aviation management

The variation in all the courses in the electives that you choose will segregate each course from other courses. As far as eligibility is concerned, it is fairly similar for all the courses. To be eligible to apply for any of these courses, you are required to have a minimum of 50% marks in your undergraduate program and must have appeared for an All India Entrance Test or DYPCET for the postgraduate program. The difference between these courses lies majorly in how they will be implemented in the future to earn you a livelihood. Otherwise, the core course subjects are the same for all of them. The students are then shortlisted based on a series of group discussions between the candidates and the best ones are decided based on their merit. The process of application can take place online or offline, as it is convenient for you. 

The institute offers workshops, lectures by honorable guests, and group discussions as a way to bring you closer to your dream, and make you ready for the industry. It makes you a better candidate for your respective industry because it gives you the required industrial exposure and thus makes you more familiar as to what you’ll face in the future.


The alumni have no such critique for the institute and they are quite satisfied with the entire procedure and the placements from the University. The campus life is very vibrant and in line with the atmosphere of Navi Mumbai, where it is located. The students around are very supportive and want to make you strive harder because they are those people who want the same things as you.

Due to the extreme classification of courses, the students are more connected to each other and living in the place becomes easier. Some students feel that the activities could’ve been conducted in a better and ordered manner at times. But overall they have been very crucial in helping them be a part of the world out there.

Students mentioned in the reviews that, the teachers, who were very well experienced, helped them all the way through their course and guided them in a very good manner. Therefore, the teachers are very approachable and caring towards you and understand your goals.

Some students have also complained about the lack of infrastructure and unhygienic canteens. This has been an issue along with the fact that some students are not very satisfied with the placement of the university.  But overall, all students have felt that it gives a proper value for money that you invest in it.


The fee for the total program is INR 8.4 lacks over the span of 2 years for an MBA course. For the rank of the university and its services, even the alumni have said that it isn’t overpriced and is a good place to actually pursue your masters in.

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