In Your 20s? Then You Ought to Know These Weird but Real Health Facts

Once you reach your 20s, your life will be more challenging. You will have responsibilities to take which can include debt, work, school, and many others. It can be easy to get caught up with your everyday stressors, making you forget or neglect your health. But since health is one thing you shouldn’t take for granted, it becomes a must that you always find ways to improve your health. Knowing the following surprising health facts can be a great way to motivate yourself to learn something health-related each day.

Wisdom Tooth in Your Senior Years

We are often told that our wisdom teeth are likely to erupt once we are between 17 and 25 years old. Some people get them far later in life. But did you know that there are people who get their wisdom teeth during their senior years?

Robert W. Gray was 94 years old when his dentist discovered Gray’s wisdom tooth erupted. He currently holds the Guinness world record for being the oldest person recorded to grow a wisdom tooth.  This means that there are people who went past 60 years of age before getting their third molars.

Heart Attacks on Mondays

Did you know that according to a study, many heart attacks happen on Mondays? Not only that. Experts also claim that heart attacks often occur in the morning hours.

Some experts suggest that a combination of factors can trigger heart attacks on Monday mornings. The anxiety you feel for having to resume obligations during Mondays and poor living habits during the weekends could be the culprit. Some studies even claim that the risk of having a Monday morning heart attack can be as high as 20%. There is likely more damage if the attack occurs between 6 in the morning till noon. Saturday is the second most common day when heart attacks happen.

Initials Can Affect Many Aspects of Your Life

In 1999, a study claimed people with positive initials live longer. On the other hand, people with negative initials like DIE, RIP, DUM, PIG, and BAD die earlier. But new research claims one’s initials do not necessarily affect their longevity.

Another research claims there is a phenomenon known as the name-letter effect. It can influence one’s likes, work, partner, and other factors. Applicants may be unconsciously applying and working for companies that bear their own initials. This usually applies to people with rarer initials that matched the companies they worked for.

A different study shows that you are more likely to get hired if you have a white-sounding name. Researchers say your chances of getting a callback from different companies increase if you have a common white name. It does sound like labor market discrimination. Thankfully, companies are now embracing a diverse workforce that gives candidates of a different race, color, etc. more chance to land a better paying job.

Red Meat Can Worsen Bad Body Odor

Love eating red meat? Then you might want to know about this. According to a study, meat can affect your body odor. While multiple factors can affect a person’s smell, the study claimed that their male participants who refrained from eating red meat had a more pleasant body odor.

The male participants were judged by females who were not using any hormonal contraception and have the same length of menstruation cycle. This goes to show that environmental factors can indeed affect one’s axillary odor. In this case, it goes to show that what we eat can be another thing that can influence how we smell.

Heels Can Have Health Benefits

Most people think heels are only bad for your health. They can uncomfortable looking at even if they can help complete an outfit and make you look good. But aside from the pain, discomfort, and foot problems, heels can also have certain positive effects on one’s health.

For one, it can make look taller, look slimmer, and improve your posture, thus boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Heels can also help make your ankle joints and muscles stronger. This, in turn, can help you lower than the chances of developing arthritis later in life. Wearing heels also benefit your calf muscles. You can gain more calf muscles and less fat in this area, making them look pleasing to the eye.

Health facts can be a great form of entertainment and learning. If you’re in your 20s, then you can definitely make use of these facts to make your life a little bit easier. Now, you have more reasons to wear heels on and off, try different foods other than red meat, and take your health more seriously on weekends and Mondays. Who knows? You might suddenly realize you’re working for a company that matches your name, or that up until now, you haven’t had any wisdom tooth to worry about just yet.

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