How To Properly Store China And Antiques

We all have those precious items, bone china, and antiques that we want to keep safe. You may be moving to a smaller place, or you may need to free up some extra space on your display cabinet for your child’s latest awards. The new trophy means that whatever is in the cabinet needs to find a safe new home. So, you need to ensure those keepsakes are kept secure somewhere else. So we have given some thought to this problem and here are some solutions we found.

Wrap it up

You need to ensure that you wrap every piece separately. This means lids for pot wrapped separately from the pots themselves. You can use bubble wrap, or paper, or foam, or even polystyrene, especially if you have the original casing, it came in. However, if you intend to move, then bubble wrap or polystyrene is best as it protects the item if there is a slightly more substantial impact. 

Specialty storage

If the china you have is an heirloom, it is probably a good idea to invest in speciality packaging to store these antiques. There are options to buy luxury fine china storage sets made of material encasing foam for extra protection. Heirlooms can’t be kept safe enough. You can also get speciality storage bags for wooden antiques designed to keep moisture at bay.

Plastic or cardboard boxes

Use thick cardboard boxes and please make sure that you securely duct tape them so that the bottoms do not come out. It is worth your while choosing the ones which have cardboard dividers inside the box, so you can keep those items separated. For the more expensive items, it is probably a good idea to go for plastic boxes as they are not going to bend and get crushed so easily.


If you want something protected, but have no room at home, then your things will kept safe at Self Storage in Southwark. They have 24/7 security system which is constantly monitored. The building is made out of steel, as well as each unit, so the whole place is extremely fire resistant. If keeping things safe is the aim, this is the place. What’s more, this place is temperature-controlled, so it does not get too hot which can affect fine china, and they are also kept in the dark most of the time so are not affected by sunlight.

Do not over-handle the ornaments

Before you pack things away, you will want to clean them. Do so carefully with the appropriate soap and vinegar. Ensure that the item is entirely dry before packing away and once packed up, resist the temptation to open, clean again, and repack over and over. The best advice is to leave them. The skin contains oils and residues that are not good for antiques and over time could damage them. A lot of people who handle antiques regularly have those white cotton gloves. If you can’t resist the urge to look at the chins, then please invest in a pair of these gloves.