How To Enhance The Look In Your Portraits With Lightroom

In most of your portraits, the focus will be on the look of the model. But sometimes, that look does not attract as much attention as it should. That is why we will look into how to enhance the look of your portraits to the fullest so that the eyes of your model becomes a magnet of looks. It is a simple process, and you will not need to have experience in these programs because we will see it step by step.

Use The Local Adjustment Brush

The first thing we will need to apply in lightroom alternative like is a local adjustment so that all changes affect only the eyes of your model. In this case, the local adjustment that best suits us is the Adjustment Brush, since it will allow us to paint the area we want to affect freehand. We are going to add two adjustments: one that affects the whole eye and another that only affects the iris.

Improve The Iris

Now that we have improved the eyes completely, it is the turn of the irises, which are the most crucial thing in the eye. Well-defined, bright and vibrantly colored irises will become a magnet of looks and make your portrait literally hypnotize. To retouch the irises, as before, we will use the Adjustment Brush. In this case, we will paint only the iris area.

Erase Some Veins Of The Eyeballs

Finally, sometimes, there are some marked vein that can ruin the look of your model. It is not advisable to eliminate them all because they will be too unreal, but it will be advisable to eliminate or soften the marked veins. Eyes with very marked veins can transmit tiredness, sadness, or even anger, and that may not be what you want your portrait to convey.

To wipe the veins, we will use the Stain Removal tool. We will configure a fixed brush, to cover only the veins, and paint on them. Automatically Lightroom will copy on this selection an area that he considers correct, to take it as a sample for correction.

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