Embracing Sports at Work: Importance of Sports on Work-Life Balance

Millennials and Gen Z-ers are changing the traditional workplace setup we all know. Gone are the days when office jobs mean isolated cubicles and impersonal interaction with your colleagues. Nowadays, the workplace is about open spaces and being more interactive.

Apart from that, these younger generations are more into fitness and health consciousness than the others. Given this fact, more and more companies are making sports and other physical activities an integral part of running their business.

Meaning of ‘Sports in the Workplace’

Sports in the workplace are not confined to the notion that the company practices sports within the office premises. Doing sports in the workplace could take several forms. It could also mean organizing sports activities outside of business walls, such as weekend trail run, Sunday morning yoga classes, or Saturday football sessions.

How Sports Benefit the Work Environment

Even with the flexible work schedule and modern office set up, stress is inevitable in the workplace. One of the best ideas to counter it is by promoting sports to office staff. Furthermore, several benefits come along playing sports in the work environment.

Boost Mood

Apart from the physical health risks our office environment might cause, work also plays a larger part in affecting our mental health. If left unchecked, the demands brought by our work position and office politics could lead to anxiety and stress, overtime. 

But by exercising or engaging in any sports, we help ourselves eliminate stress and other mental health concerns. Sports are proven to be natural mood boosters as more happy hormones are released when we engage in strenuous physical activity.

Increase Productivity

When you are in a better mood, you are likely to be more productive. Moreover, your energy levels are more increased due to the physical training that comes with playing sports. 

Working out before heading to the office is a great way to help yourself stay sharp and ready for work. Although it would mean waking up earlier than usual, it will benefit you in the long run.

Enhance Memory

Engaging in any sports requires that you actively learn and remember several details about the discipline. A great example of this is martial arts. Martial arts requires you to pay attention to a lot of different details like the proper way to tie a belt, simple etiquette, and different physical forms and techniques

Considering this fact, by playing sports not only do you keep yourself physically fit, but you also help improve your memory and attention to detail.

Encourage Teamwork

Sports bring people closer together since this activity requires communication. By playing team sports in the office, everyone is given an opportunity to explore their skills and a chance to contribute to the team. 

People are keener in collaborating with their team when they feel they belong to the group. Translating this in an office set up, employees are more willing to give out their best effort for the good of the company.

There are many ways to embrace sports in the workplace. It could be playing team sports during team-building training, providing office fitness studios, and also office showers. When playing sports with office mates, it is important to remember as well to practice safety measures to avoid company liabilities. Use a protective football mouthpiece during intense football matches, wear proper sneakers when playing basketball, and use specialty gloves during baseball games.

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