Different Forms Of Poker Games

Poker is a popular gambling game and there are many online casinos, which allow people to play these games at any time. One such online casino is situs Judi online where many types of poker games are available and beginners and experts can try their luck on these games. Let us discuss different forms of poker

Different forms of poker

There are three branches of poker, which are as follows

Draw Poker

In this form of the game, the hand of all the players is hidden and they are only shown at the time of showdown.

Stud Poker

In this form, some of the cards are face up while some of them are face down.

Community Card Poker

In this form of poker, there are some hold cards and some exposed ones. The exposed cards can be used by any player to make hands.

Besides all these forms, people can also play high-low versions of games. In these types of games, one player has to make the hand of the highest rank and one has to make the hand of the lowest rank. The pot is split between these two players. If there is a tie between high or low hands, the port is again divided between them. Now let us know about each form of poker in detail

Draw Poker And Its Variants

This is a type of game in which each player receives five cards and all of them are face down cards. There is one betting interval in which the player whose position is to the left of the dealer has to start taking action. The end of the game is done by the showdown. The players have the option of discarding some of their cards and the dealer deals the same number of cards to the players. The drawing of cards done before the starting of the last betting round after which no drawing is allowed. There can be a chance that a player is not interested in discarding and drawing the cards. Such a player is known ad stand pat. After the coming of stud poker, the popularity of draw poker is reduced but still, people can play the game in physical and online casinos. Five-card draw and seven-card draw are some of their variants.

Stud Poker And Its Variants

There are many variants of stud poker and some of them are discussed here.

Five Card Stud

This is a game in which each player receives two cards. One of these cards is face down and the other is face up. After the deal, the betting round starts. After the completion of this betting round, one face-up card is dealt and this type of dealing is done till the time the last round of betting arrives. The betting is started by the player sitting to the left of the dealer. In the rest of the rounds, the player having the hand of highest rank has to start betting.

Seven Card Stud

In this game, each player receives three cards out of which, two are hole cards and the third one is the exposed card. In each round, each active player receives one face-up card but before the last round, one face-down card is given to each player. The player having the hand of highest rank wins the game.

Wrapping Up

Community card poker is also there and there are many variants like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and other games. All these games are available in online casinos like situs Judi online.