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Difference Between Modular Kitchen and Semi Modular Kitchen 

A kitchen is an important part of a house and is considered the heart of your home. It is used for cooking, storing food items and for dishwashing. It must be equipped with all the cooking facilities so that all cooking-related tasks are done conveniently. Indians mostly consider it a tough job, when they need to select their kitchen type.

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Different Types of Kitchens

The two kinds of kitchen are modular and semi-modular. It is observed in India that the term “Modular Kitchen” is used extensively. However, in the technical sense, there is some difference between both types. Each one has its features. You can select one of the two options based on the structure of your house.

Modular Kitchen

The modular kitchen is made at a factory and then assembled at home. The builder hands over the empty kitchen with all the necessary electrical and plumbing points. It is possible to set it up in 2 to 3 days. As the place is vacant there is more choice to customize it.

The unique layout of this kitchen gives your home a neat look. It is designed according to the industry standards and there is no scope for the patchwork.

These kitchens are laminated, so it is not possible to get a similar laminate sheet for the patchwork or repair small damages. You need to be well informed about the details of the modular kitchen before you plan to install it in your house. It is a good choice to install it if you want to enjoy hassle-free cooking in your kitchen

When you shift from one house to another it is possible to dismantle the modular kitchen technically. You can fix it again as per your convenience. So, these are more personalized type and have a better finish and look.

Semi-Modular Kitchen

In this type, the builder hands over it with a granite slab along with a fixed sink. The finish and quality of the kitchen depend on the vendor you choose. Granite countertop is already there so there is no scope for customization. There is less choice for interior designing. The kitchen accessories won’t fit in the kitchen space because the civil work is already done.

You cannot dismantle when you change your house and want to carry the kitchen accessories with you. The kitchen price is reasonable. These can be customized at a module level. The height and breadth of the units can be altered because unit sizes are not standardized.


Thus, if you have any kind of budget constraint, then the semi-modular kitchen is the best choice for you as the countertop is already built. In case if you are not worried about the financial issues then the modular ones are the best option for you because you can have better design You need to hire the services of a professional company to install your kitchen.