Confused about what to play on family gatherings? Check these game apps

In this pandemic period, it has become difficult to reunite with families. Even if you plan a family gathering, there will always be a situation where one family member may not attend the occasion. One of the main reasons is their busy work schedule. Thanks to the new normal way of life that people now can arrange family meet-ups online. Yes, via different video calling facilities you can host a family gathering in real-time. But what’s a family gathering without any fun games? You might wonder how you can play games when most family members are at a distant location. Well, with Ludo Supreme Gold, GetMega and several other online gaming platforms, you can now make your family get together a memorable one.

These gaming platforms house diverse games that are best suited for a family gathering. These games include ludo, poker, rummy, head’s up and lots more. Providing a real gaming experience, these gaming apps or websites can also offer you games like pool and carrom. By playing games online, children also get the opportunity to bond, adopt different skills and most importantly, have fun! While we are talking about the best gaming apps for family gatherings, let’s consider Ludo Supreme Gold and GetMega. Further, we will discuss other characteristics of these two gaming platforms. 

Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme Gold is an online gaming application that hosts the popular game of Ludo. This app has different modes that add fun to this game. Ludo Supreme Gold only allows real players to play the game. If any person with a fake account tries to join the platform, the efficient customer service team of this app will take appropriate action. Ludo has always been considered a family game. Thus, with Ludo Supreme Gold you can invite family members to play the game and in return, you can earn referral rewards. Also, if you sign in for the first time to its platform, you can win a welcome bonus as an incentive. By providing an easy-to-use feature, Ludo Supreme Gold allows participants to communicate with each other. 

The intuitive and clear leaderboard of Ludo Supreme Gold provides a ranking, thus allowing your entire family to enjoy the gaming platform. You can also analyse your playing skills and sports acumen by playing on this app. Ludo Supreme Gold features an intuitive UI that prioritizes transparency, entertainment, credibility and smoothness, basically everything a Ludo game requires. Owned by the company 18 Minds, Ludo Supreme Gold focuses on securing the rights of players. 


By flaunting diverse games based on three main categories (Cards, Trivia and Casual), GetMega is considered as one of the best apps to play within family gatherings. On this application, you can play popular family-centric games like Poker, Carrom, GoPool, Warship and lots more. Like many other gaming apps, GetMega also allows individuals whose IDs are verified from their Facebook profiles. This multi-player gaming application also comes with referral programs and sign-up bonuses. By referring GetMega to family members you can earn real money. However, there is a catch. You must play at least one game on referral video chat mode to earn Rs. 10. Further, by signing in for the first time you can earn Rs. 5. This gaming platform also features audio/video features that make it easy to interact with your family members while playing a wide range of games. 

GetMega comes with an intuitive and user-friendly UI that makes it simpler for players to interact with the games and earn. The 24×7 leaderboards of this app also enhance the fun quotient among the gamers by introducing attractive prizes. Loaded with both horizontal and vertical gameplays, GetMega offers maximum entertainment to the users. This RNG certified app also ensures the highest standards of security to the players by protecting personal details. 

So, at your next family gathering, play the conventional games on digital platforms. For that matter, you can take a look at Ludo Gold Supreme and GetMega and select what’s best for your family gathering.