A Sense of Completion With the Right Wedding Rings

Among the preparations for a wedding, the wedding ring represents the most important detail. Moreover, the wedding ring will complete her look as much as the Wedding Rings will complete his. In addition, the purchase of wedding rings must be done well in advance. Indeed, your jeweler will offer you a multitude of wedding ring models. Thus, the choice of wedding rings is not something to be taken lightly. So, what criteria should you use to choose your wedding rings?

The Metal of Your Wedding Ring

In general, the wedding ring doesn’t have to be cheap. Indeed, you would not want your wedding ring to deteriorate too quickly or tarnish. So, you should opt for a resistant and noble metal. Besides, you will notice that the majority of wedding rings are designed in precious metals: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.

Thus, those who are used to wearing jewelry on a daily basis will find that platinum is not a discreet precious metal. In addition, pink gold wins hands down the trophy of discretion. Thus, men will be happy to wear a discreet wedding ring. On the other hand, the bride can always go for a classic wedding band in yellow gold or white gold.

The Shape of Your Wedding Rings

First of all, the shape of the wedding rings should prioritize comfort first. Moreover, a wedding ring with a slight bulge inside is easily slipped along the finger. In addition, thin frames keep longer. However, bride and groom generally favor ribbon-type wedding rings, which flaunt wear less inconspicuously.

The Accessories of Your Wedding Ring

Generally, wedding rings for women feature gemstones or diamonds. On the other hand, those of men are less prone to setting stones. However, our jewelry store can design bespoke wedding rings with the stones of your choice. For example, your husband may opt for a wedding ring with a black diamond, which is very popular with both women and men. You can have the option for personalize your diamond wedding rings with engravings inside.

A Classic or Original Alliance

In general, it is advisable to opt for classic wedding rings, to be able to wear them every day. However, you can still choose original wedding jewelry. In addition, you should avoid choosing your wedding rings according to the theme of your wedding. Thus, you will find a wedding collection in our online jewelry store for all tastes.

George Pragnell Windsor 1.52-carat round brilliant diamond

Matching or Mismatched Wedding Rings

For the bride and groom, the exchange of alliances, a symbol of love, also amounts to sealing their vows. Thus, your jeweler in Lyon will first offer you a wedding ring matching that of your spouse. However, you can opt for a wedding ring that matches your personality. It is important that you don’t get reluctant to choose a model.

Why is it important to know and choose the right engagement ring size?

Few people know their exact ring size. This turns out to be complicated during a major purchase, especially when buying rings related to the beautiful ceremony that is marriage. A big stressor for the groom, finding his partner’s ring size is not an easy task, especially if you are planning a surprise engagement! Here you will find below some useful tips to secretly find your ring size.

You can visit your preferred jewelry store and then measure your finger! Efficient, fast and precise way! In addition, this method is perfect for couples who choose their engagement ring and wedding rings together. You can also take the time to explore the rings that you like.

The correct ring size ensured by sending the wax model

Jewelers use tools such as wax and 3D printing in order to send you a replica of the jewel giving an overview of the exact volume of the real jewel after design.  After all, this is the ring of dreams; you want to make sure it is perfect! You can request modifications or validate the measurements so that the real jewel is elaborated. Any modification is possible. The jewelers aspire to make the engagement ring or wedding ring of your dreams that will slip like a glove on your finger!

Surprise: How do you find your ring size? Practical advice to avoid getting caught!

Do you want to give her a gift that will surprise her and make her heart balm? Have you decided to ask her for her hand in a romantic and above all secret marriage proposal? For this you need to know the size of your partner’s ring. Here are the useful tips that will be your guide to make this gift the most unforgettable surprise of his life!

Borrow her ring for a moment!

Find in the jewelry box of your partner or loved one, a ring in his size that he does not wear often during the day. Bring it in or any other jeweler to take the exact size. In the evening, discreetly put it back in its jewelry box before he has time to notice it. That’s it!

For this second tip, a pen will be your secret weapon!

Take a ring from its jewelry box and slip it on your ring finger. Once put on your finger, make a mark using our famous pen on the place where the ring stops. Show this wonderful masterpiece to one of our master craftsmen! This tip is perfect if your partner wears their rings daily.

What if we go back to childhood?

Buy some play dough and gently push in its ring. Then make an appointment so that one of experts can check the size. Be careful not to get caught! Clean the ring after the fact, and be careful not to get the modeling clay into the setting or the diamond.

Tie his finger like you tied your hearts.

Wait until your partner is under the influence of the gentle Morpheus, god of dreams. Tie a string around his finger and make a small knot. Your mission is not to squeeze too hard so as not to wake him up.

Lying for a good cause?

What if you were lying? After all it is for a good cause: to know and thus to offer him a ring in his size. Pretend you want to give your mom a ring. Take your partner to a boutique, and make her your model! She is trying on her size because you want to “see how the ring is worn”, and you, you notice her size.