8 Tips to Get Strong and Healthy Nails

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Nails are a sign of health and beauty. Broken, chipped, and discoloured nails are a sign that everything is not well inside the body. You may be suffering from some disorder, or there may be some nutritional deficiency. Ignoring nail problems can worsen them and also lead to fungal infections which look ugly and are painful. It is necessary to take care of your nails in the right way within your daily health and beauty regime to have naturally strong and healthy nails. Here are eight valuable tips that can help you to regain the strength and beauty of your nails. Follow them carefully and apply them in your daily life. And use Urban Outfitters discount codes to get amazing discounts on beauty and fashion accessories.

  1. Moisturize and hydrate the nails

Have you seen that nails turn dry, colourless, lifeless and almost whitish sometimes? This happens because the nails have lost their natural moisture. While you are advised to drink plenty of fluids during the day to naturally hydrate the body, it is also necessary to moisturize the nails particularly daily. Rub a small amount of body lotion, petroleum jelly, castor oil or Vitamin E oil on the nails and cuticles of your hands and toes before you go to sleep. It is especially recommended if you are leaving the air conditioner on as it tends to make the body feel dry. The same applies for the winter season as well when you should moisturize your nails too instead of just the body and face.

  1. Watch your vitamins

Brittle nails can break because of vitamin deficiency in the body. If your nails feel very weak and chip off easily, it is a sign that you need to watch your vitamin intake. Eat food with a lot of Vitamin B and E to have naturally healthy nails. You also need Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid to repair the nail damage. Folic acid helps to restore the damaged cells and even multiply their growth to give you stronger and longer nails that do not break easily. Foods like whole grains and beans contain lots of folic acids. You may also try over-the-counter vitamin supplements along with your diet.

  1. Wear gloves while cleaning

Detergents and chemicals can severely damage your nails when exposed for long. Over the years, when you continue to expose your nails to cleaners and chemicals, they tend to get brittle and damaged. You may also become prone to several nail infections. It is advised that if you have to continue doing the cleaning jobs yourself, you should wear gloves to prevent your nails from being exposed to the harsh chemicals. Always wear them before you wash your clothes, clean the dishes or while handling chemical based shampoos.

  1. Buy a soft nail file

Even though glass nail files are said to be useful to file your nails, it is recommended by dermatologists and manicurists that you invest in buying a soft nail file for the health of your nails. Soft files keep your nails intact without splitting or breaking them.

  1. Do not leave nail polish on for long

When you remove your nail polish after a very long time, you will often see that there are nasty white patches on the nails or they have turned whitish and ragged on the surface. It happens due to an infection on the nails resulting from leaving the nail polish on your nails for a very long time. No matter how expensive is your nail paint; do not leave them on for an extended period. It also helps to preserve the natural shine of the nails.

  1. Stop using acetone-based nail polish remover

Whenever you pick up your bottle of nail polish remover, you are giving your nails a slow death. Yes, you read that right. Nail polish removers generally have a high concentration of acetone to dissolve the nail polish quickly. This, in turn, is very harsh on the nails and leaves them dry and brittle. You can often find them breaking or splitting or with white spots on them afterwards. Always try to go for a nail polish remover that is free from the harsh acetone. It will do your nails good in the long run.

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles

No matter whether you cut your nails yourself or get them manicured, always make sure that you do not tamper with the cuticles. They should be left alone. The epidermis of the nails is a natural barrier against infection-causing bacteria and fungus. Cutting them or pushing them back breaches that natural layer of protection and leave your nails vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. They make the nails look red and swollen, and infections can often lead to permanent nail damage by harming the nail bed.

  1. Care for your cuticles

Dry and cracked cuticles not only look bad but can also be harmful to your nails. Care for your cuticles to keep them naturally soft. You can either dip them in a honey and lemon juice solution or apply fresh pineapple pulp and vinegar mixture and massage it onto the cuticles for some time before washing it off.