8 Hidden Tourist Paradises in Likupang, North Sulawesi!

Likupang is a sub-district in North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. The name of this area has become a hot topic in 2020 because the Government has designated it as one of the Super Priority Destinations. This means that the government will maximize tourism development from various aspects. This area is also being prepared to become a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Tourism.

Likupang is ​​about 200 hectares and has a beautiful beach area. It can be taken two hours by car from Manado. There are many beautiful destinations in Likupang.

  1. Bangka Island

Bangka Island not only in Sumatra but also in North Minahasa. This Bangka Island is located precisely in East Likupang District. The beauty of Bangka Island is not only its beaches with soft white sand, but there is also a fascinating underwater world.

  1. Pulisan Beach and Pulisan Hill

First of all, is Pulisan Beach. This beach has three parts separated by rock cliffs jutting into the sea. A rock cliff looks like a cave near the beach and is a favorite place for tourists who travel. The beach also has a charming stretch of white sand.

Then there is Pulisan Hill which is still in the exact location of Pulisan Beach. This hill presents views of the vast grasslands combined with the beautiful blue sea. Those of you who like climbing will definitely like this destination. The climbing area is still quite challenging. But after walking for an hour, your tiredness will be paid off with a panorama that can’t be enjoyed anywhere.

  1. Bahoi . Village Ecotourism

Wandering into West Likupang, you will find Bahoi Village. This is a fishing village that has independent ecotourism to maintain the marine ecosystem. There are various coral reefs and fish that you can find under the beautiful sea. The ecotourism of Bahoi Village also consists of mangrove forests located by the sea.

4 . Paal Beach

Besides Pulisan Beach, there is also Paal Beach. When entering this beach area, you will be presented with white sand, clear blue seawater, and green hills surrounding this area. You can enjoy a vacation at Paal Beach by relaxing or trying to ride the speedboat.

  1. Lihaga Island

Lihaga Island is the most talked-about destination by tourists. The white sand is soft, and the seawater is clear. The island with an area of ​​8 hectares is believed to be uninhabited. The underwater biota is still awake. So, you can dive to greet marine animals and enjoy the enchanting beauty of coral reefs!

  1. Gangga Island

Besides Lihaga Island, another destination where you can dive is Pulang Gangga. The underwater life on this island is still preserved, and the seawater is clear. In addition, Gangga Island is a favorite destination to enjoy sunrise and sunset.

  1. Larata Hill

Besides Pulisan Hill, there is also Larata Hill which is located in East Likupang. This is a savanna hill with vast stretches of grassland, combined with views of the open sea. Both will automatically spoil your eyes. To reach the top of the mountain, you need to climb through somewhat tricky terrain. But it’s worth the hike!

  1. Mantehage Island

Mantehage Island is located in Wori District and still included in the Bunaken National Park area. This island has an unusual beauty compared to other islands in the vicinity because of its flat and sloping shape. Besides the stunning views of the underwater world around the Mantehage island, there is also a mangrove forest.

That’s a list of tourist destinations that can be visited while in Likupang, North Sulawesi. Hopefully, the development of tourism in this area will run smoothly to increase Indonesian tourism.

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