8 Hidden Beaches in Lombok You Should Know

If you know Lombok, you must know about the beaches. Pink Beach, Senggigi, and Kuta are a few famous beaches with each speciality. However, there are still many hidden beaches in Lombok you should explore. Let’s reveal those beaches down here:

  1. Be Brave at Villa Hantu — Setangi Beach

Setangi Beach resembles something of fantasy heaven, particularly from the ideal vantage point. The shoreline comprises areas of coconut palms directing up to sand and subtropical seas.

The shore here seems rather untouched; seldom will you find someone else about because you take a stroll along the water’s edge. It has many titles (Setangi, Telu, and Tiga Beach) but it is mutually agreed that it is simply magnificent.

If you are feeling courageous, visit Villa Hantu (Ghost Villa) for the best scenery of Setangi. No, we are not kidding! Spooky as it seems, do not allow the name to dissuade you. This view isn’t anything more than a bare hotel that acquired its title in the rest of the barebone construction.

  1. Egypt Pyramids From the Sea — Semeti Beach

You may feel as if you’re on another world — Planet Krypton. The numerous stones resemble the crystal in Planet Krypton in which Superman is born, thus it’s also known as Krypton Beach. The path is very rocky and tough, so make sure you wear covered shoes which are slip-proof, as you may want to climb rocks as large as 20m to reach the other side of these stones. Underneath the stone is where you may find the great perspective of Semeti Beach.

  1. Angel Tears — Tanjung Poki

While being enraptured with the pure beauty of Tanjung Poki, do stay attentive and careful and not be struck by waves. Waves in this place are extremely big and ferocious, which makes a blowhole effect. The waves may reach the elevation of tsunamis over 10 metres!

The huge waves make it unsuitable for floating, however you can fish here. This is a favorite place for the fishing fanatics, and they have a weekly contest.

  1. The Sea Waterfall — Nambung Beach

Unlike the other waterfalls, this one is unique because it is created by big waves crashing against the cliff stones and falling just like a waterfall. The perfect picture you will get in Nambung Beach is when you’re actually under the valley, so be ready to walk through the big waves with waterproof bags. If you want to surf, you must bring your equipment and the crystal clear water must persuade you to swim. But bear in mind — you will not find rental or bath facilities accessible at Nambung shore.

  1. Grand Canyon of the East — Pantai Tebing

There are elements of this Earth that don’t appear to belong; Pantai Tebing is among these. It’s a great borough unmatched in its surrounding. An intriguing beauty that reminds you of the Grand Canyon in America and definitely must be on your visit list.

This unique rock formation was because of the eruption of Samalas/Gunung Rinjani Tua in 1257. Hot clouds of sediment comprising fragments of coral caused by the tsunami were deposited here. For the brave souls who wish to climb the valley, the stone and limestone could be loose, so please don’t take additional precautions!

  1. Batu Payung at Tanjung Aan

Batu Payung or the umbrella rock cannot be ignored for its presence, but that’s what makes it beguiling. The façade of the stone changes at several angles at various times of the day, and it could seem like a human face. The walk into the Umbrella stone combined with Tanjung Aan delivers amazing views of the hills, which bats and birds occupy.

  1. The Forgotten Paradise — Tanjung Bloam

This pure elegance of rocky shores and rock stones that stretches past the shore makes it exotic. It’s a magnificent view of contrasting black stone with the gold cliff contrasts with the clear blue waters. Tanjung Bloam isn’t easy to reach and provides challenging waves for swimming and surfing.

  1. Romantic View — Pink Beach

Pink Sand is caused by the small reddish organism which develops on the dead coral reefs.

The very best time to go here is before 8 am and after 4 pm once the sand grabs the afternoon sun rays, introducing a natural fascia of splendor.

The status of the street can make the trip hard. If you do not want to ride the rocky road, you can rent a ship at Telong-Elong (village nearby).

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